Vachetta Leather Apple Watch Band

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Watch Size: 42mm to 45mm
Adapter & Buckle Colour: Silver
  • NEW Single Size!

    Fits wrist sizes 130mm - 215mm (5.1" - 8.3")

    An Apple Watch Band that is as unique as you.

    This luxurious Vachetta Leather Apple Watch Band is a creamy beige when brand new, and quickly develops a honey patina with an amber hue once exposed to natural elements like sunlight, & ambient humidity. As you wear your Vachetta Leather Band, a deeper patina starts to develop, culminating in a rich caramel-brown unmatched by no other that is further accentuated by the contrasting white stitch.

    No two Vachetta Leather Apple Watch Bands will ever look the same, making it as unique as you, and tells the story of everything you, and your Apple Watch has been through.

    Our Vachetta Leather Apple Watch Band is made with the finest Italian Full-Grain Leather, vegetable tanned, & minimally treated which allows it to patina quickly.

    Note: All Vachetta Leather Bands will vary slightly in shade & hue even when brand new. This is a natural characteristic of this unique leather.

    *Seasonal collections are only available in limited quantities, and once they sell out, may, or may not be restocked again.

    * Apple Watch is NOT INCLUDED.

  • New single band size to fit a wide range of wrist sizes!

    Fits wrist sizes 130mm - 215mm (5.1" - 8.3")

    This new size has a width of 23mm & tapers to 22mm.

  • What is full-grain leather?

    Full-grain leather is the strongest, most durable part of the hide. It comes from the top-most layer of skin, and contains all the grain, hence, "full-grain" leather. This is the highest-grade of leather you'll find, and we use only the cleanest of hides with no obvious scarring or blemishes.

    Is this Apple Watch Band vegetable tanned, & what does it mean?

    Yes they are! Vegetable tanning is a traditional, artisanal method of adding colour to leather using natural tannins found in plants & fruits. This gives our bands the characteristics to age "organically", and develop a beautiful patina over time that tells your unique story.

    Do I need a tool to put on your bands?

    No. All our bands come fitted with adapters so you can change out your straps super easily!

    How do I know which "Watch Size" to choose?

    Look at the back of your Apple Watch. If it shows 38mm, 40mm or 41mm, choose "38mm to 41mm". If it shows 42mm, 44mm or 45mm, choose "42mm to 45mm".

    Which adapter & buckle colour should I choose?

    For silver aluminum, stainless steel, & titanium, choose silver. For gold aluminum & gold stainless steel, choose gold. For space grey aluminum & space black stainless steel, choose black.